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Streets, parking lots and sidewalks will absorb heat from the sun and contribute to what is termed “the heat island effect”. Studies have shown that the temperature in urban areas is 5-10 degrees warmer than non-urban areas because of this effect. Using a light colored pavement will reduce this effect and can reduce the amount of energy required to cool the building. This can be accomplished by either using gray or white concrete, by adding a solar reflective coating to asphalt, or by strategically planting trees to provide shading.

A second issue to consider when choosing pavement is stormwater control. The best way to reduce the amount of stormwater runoff is to reduce the amount of impervious surface area of a site. This can be accomplished by minimizing the areas that are paved, or by using a pervious paving material. Reducing the size of a parking lot will have the added benefit of encouraging public transportation use or alternative methods such as biking.


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