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Water Heater

The process of heating water accounts for 15 – 20% of a household’s energy use. A tank-type water heater is the most common; it is rated based on the Energy Factor (EF). The higher the number, the better the energy efficiency. A tankless or “on-demand” water heater only runs when there is a demand for hot water. As soon as water flow is detected, an element (electric or gas-fired) is activated and the water is heated as it travels through the unit. The energy savings are that only the amount of hot water needed is heated and there are no “standby” losses”. (This is the amount of heat lost from the tank, as the hot water is ‘standing by’ not being used.)

An on-demand circulation system eliminates wasting water waiting for it to heat up, by piping hot water to the fixture just before it is needed. Other cost saving alternatives include solar powered and geo-thermal.


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