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Resource Efficiency

Resource Efficiency can be summarized easily in the slogan: “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”.

Reduce: Good design decisions regarding framing enable a home to be constructed using 15 –20% less lumber. Purchasing materials locally will save transportation costs and reduce the amount of energy expended and pollutants emitted as a result of that transportation.

Reuse: Good material selection includes researching options that incorporate recycled content. New products are becoming available on a regular basis. There are cabinets and countertops, doors, trim, carpet, siding and even roofing products available that are manufactured using recycled content.

Recycle: According to the US Green Building Council, construction and demolition waste account for 40% of the total solid waste in the United States. In Wichita, we can recycle construction debris including concrete, wood, sheetrock, and cardboard to reduce the amount of material headed for the landfill.

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